The corporate design (CD) is the official graphical design of all communication tools and products of a company or institution used on logo, letterheads and envelopes, printed or digital advertising media, packaging, sounds or also architecture. Your new house style will be created in such a way that all the elements are arranged in a distinctive design and pattern.


The professional implementation of creative ideas in print and new media plus the responsible approach to it is perfectly natural for me. Customer demands are taken into account as well as creative and artistic aspects.


With my many years of experience as a Visual Merchandiser I can provide to develop sophisticated concepts to the appearance of your point of sale or company. As a constant visual communication to customers this can be composed of different elements such as the visibility on the facade and window, displays and entrance area, sence and timeliness of product mix and decoration, but not least also the faithful implementation of the representation of a company and product to the outside.


The web design as a discipline of media design, I offer according to your corporate design as visual, functional and structural website. From the thoughtful design to web development and technical implementation.


Since a couple of years the product design, mainly in the line of work Christmas ornaments and decoration as well as souvenirs and gifts is one of my priorities. In addition, the packaging design is becoming an increasingly important role in my range. You can also benefit from my experiences and thereby incurred qualifications.


Theme park and entertainment design is a specialty, with which I was also concerned for several years. To this, I was involved in several projects at home and abroad or was responsible from concept design to the master plan.


Character design refers to the design and realization of a visual-graphic character for use in animation, advertising, street art, graphic design, comic or visual arts. The drawings define the three-dimensional character as a template to work with the figure in order to ensure a consistent overall design.


Editorial design is designing magazines, newspapers, magazines, brochures and books. Part of editorial design in addition to designing the cover and the development of a design grid for the content part and the overall visual design of entire issues.
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Check out some of my projects: Here is a selection of my works from different design categories and custumer specifications. Please enjoy!


My latest works and projects.

Contract for development of a new
corporate designs.

A modern corporate design, starting with a well thought out logo and a basic office equipment
to help a young construction management company, offering its services
and to support the new business on the road to success visually.
The company will soon go to the starting line.

Program book for courses of a renowned dance school.

I am happy to take over the contract for the design and restructuring of a rotational basis appearing, about 40 pages program booklet of a dance school in DIN long format.
This folder serves as a brochure and is also digitally as puff catalogue presented on the website
of the dance school.

About Me

This is what I am.

Norbert W. Bork

Norbert W. Bork, designer and illustrator, was born in Crailsheim, Germany 1959. His professional career began in 1978 with a vocational training as a visual marketing and display designer in a department store and at the College for Color and Design in Stuttgart.
After further training as a graphic artist at a company for business prints and corporate design in Stuttgart his career led him during the 1980s over a department store in Aalen and the Inter-Triumph Marketing GmbH in Heubach and Munich back to Crailsheim.
Here he became head of the advertising department of a connected warehouse company of the Kaufring AG Düsseldorf, which he held for 10 years before his appointment in 1998 self-employed in the Bork Designbuero founded, it operates to this day.
Since 2005, he works among others as a freelancer for the Swiss company Spar mit Reisen as an illustrator. From 2006 to 2009 he worked as a theme park designer for the company Heimo animated attractions in Jagsthausen.
Since 2010, he also works for Käthe Wohlfahrt in Rothenburg ob der Tauber as a product designer.


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